About Us

A Passion For All Horse Drawn Conveyances

We are Harlan Olson and Joal Olson, husband and wife,  and we have a  passionate interest in preserving the history of what remains of our nation's early horse drawn vehicles and accessories.  

While conserving /restoring and displaying our personal collection of vehicles, we started getting requests for our services.  We are pleased that our passion is shared and  offer our services to other horse drawn enthusiasts.

Our shop - essentially a "working museum" -  is small - it's just the two of us.  We are not a production shop.  Our focus is on craftsmanship and quality, specializing in cutters and sleighs. 


We have over 42 years experience in horse drawn vehicle and early antique auto restoration, and we love what we do.


Our home and shop are located in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains just North of Bozeman, Montana. 

In addition to our work at home,  we are involved with the Living History program at the Nevada City, Montana Living History Museum.  We also work with the Montana  Heritage Commission to care for the 70+  horse drawn vehicles housed between Virginia City and Nevada City, Montana.

We often have a variety of wagons, buggies, cutters, sleighs, and carriages for sale in any and all conditions.  Everything from antique parts, to projects of varying complexity, to roadworthy vehicles ready to hitch up.

What We Do

  • Conservation
  • Restoration
  • Repair
  • Wheelwright
  • Wainwright
  • Wheel Work / Wheel Repair
  • Cold Wheel Tightening
  • Rubber Tiring
  • Carriage Tops / Buggy Tops / Auto Tops
  • Upholstery
  • Select Restorations - horse drawn and early horseless/automobiles
  • Consultations & Appraisals**
  • Cutters & Sleighs Our Specialty
  • Antique Horse Drawn Vehicles & Antique Parts For Sale

 ** Our appraisals require us to physically view and  assess your vehicle



Conservation:  Stage Coach - Mud Wagon  before conservation

Carefully preserving  and repairing  historically significant artifacts requires conservation. Conservation entails retaining as much of the original integrity of the vehicle as possible;  including historical  in-service repairs,  taking measures to arrest further decay  and deterioration, and often times  returning the artifact back to an accurate interpretive state even if it is not a roadworthy vehicle.   


Restoration:  Beer Barrel Wagon being unearthed, before restoration

 Restorations usually involve the entire vehicle and all its various components such as the gear, body,  wheels, runners, tops, upholstery.  A restoration is a  reconstruction, replication,  or even just a  representation of the original.   


Repair:  Cannon damage before wood was repaired

The current state of soundness is assessed, followed by replacements or upgrades to any and all areas damaged or missing.   Repairs can be many different things, necessary or desired, such as a broken spoke replaced, wheels tightened, rubber applied to the tires,  a top fabricated for a vehicle that never had one or even a fresh coat of paint. 

Conservation:   Stagecoach - Mud Wagon after conservation

Restoration:  Beer Barrel Wagon after restoration

Repair:  New wood in Cannon